Benefits At A Glance
Comprehensive Care, Convenience, Choice, all at the same time!

Allianz EFU takes pride in offering high quality insurance plans for your staff. With Allianz EFU taking care of their health, you can enjoy extra peace of mind.

We cover healthcare through our network of hospitals, where your staff and their dependent family members will receive the most appropriate treatment. And we even have the systems in place to make the process simple and transparent.

We offer you choice and flexibility to choose amongst the following six different plans.

Benefit Description A B C D E F
Suggested Eligibility Criteria

Hospital Care

Pays for expenses incurred during hospital stay up to the Per Annum Per Insured Limit
CEO & Directors Departmental Heads Middle Management Clerical Staff Non-Clerical Support staff
• Overall Maximum Annual Limit Per Person 150,000
35,000 25,000
• Daily Room & Board Sub-Limit 19,000
1,500 1,000
• Intensive Care
• Surgeon’s Fees
• Anaesthetist's Fee
• Operating Theatre Charges
• Prescribed Medicines Used During Hospital Stay
• Blood and Oxygen Supplies
• Ventilators and Allied Services
• Kidney Dialysis & Cancer Treatment
• Daycare Surgeries / Procedures (including Endoscopy, Angiography, Dialysis etc.)
• Diagnostic Investigations conducted during hospital stay
• MRI, CT Scan , Thallium Scan, PET Scan (specialized investigations covered as OPD)
• Organ Transplant
• In-Hospital Consultation
• Fractures and Lacerated Wounds
• Local Ambulance (in Emergency from home to hospital within the same city on reimbursement)
• Pre & Post Hospitalization
(OP Expenses covering Consultations, Medicines and Diagnostic Tests 30 days before and after hospital confinement)
Major Medical Care
Additional Annual Limit Per Insured (Enhances the annual limit of Hospital Care for each insured) 450,000 300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 125,000
Maternity Care
Pays for medical expenses related to Pregnancy and Childbirth. All Maternity related expenses are payable from Maternity Limit
Normal Delivery 130,400 83,500 59,500 30,000 20,000 15,000
Caesarean Section /Multiple Births / Assisted Deliveries 246,000 174,400 133,450 60,000 40,000 30,000
Outpatient Care
Annual Limit Per Family 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 7,500 5,000


• You can elect to offer different plans to employees based on seniority and Management Grade
• Customized plans are available for large Groups
• Figures given above are in Pakistani Rupees

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